MB Cosmetic was founded by Maria Browarska in the early 1980s. This company is one of the first family-owned colour cosmetics factories in Poland, the goal of which is to manufacture the products of the highest quality.

The first product to be launched on the market was the lip gloss. A wide range of colours and high quality were a sufficient advantage for women who wanted not only to beautify, but also to care for their lips. Lip glosses gained high recognition among customers, becoming the most popular lip product in Poland at that time. This success encouraged Maria Browarska to expand the range of her products, including eyeliners, eye pencils and eyeshadows. Soon the demand for these products largely exceeded the supply and naturally caused the dynamic development of the company. The owner of the company took up the challenge to meet the rapidly growing market needs and systematically allocated every earned money to the development of the company and its product range. Currently, the company offers a wide range of beauty cosmetics that a woman needs for makeup. “MB Cosmetic”, meeting the needs of its customers, has also launched a series of care cosmetics.

The main goal for the owner of the “MB” company is the highest quality of the cosmetic products, as well as the effectiveness and safety of their use. Maria Browarska, a chemist by profession, develops original recipes for her products based on modern technologies and using high-quality raw materials.

Each product – before it reaches the consumer – is extremely carefully prepared in accordance with very strict procedures defined by the requirements of the European Union. Then it is subjected to detailed tests, the positive results of which are the condition for starting mass production.

The modern cosmetic market is the wide and rich offer of domestic and foreign products. Therefore, She constantly improves the formulas of Her cosmetics, changes the packaging, launches new products and ensures the proper exposition of Her products in stores and wholesalers.

Maria Browarska hopes that its efforts to obtain good quality, rich colors and affordable prices will result in a great reputation among current and potential customers.